Sam, GB

I love my new Tenuto, couldn't decide between this and something bigger, but all doubt was gone after after it arrived. Quality is superb, power, superb and love the way it bends to hit the right spots. The App is a dream to use too.

Wendy, GB

My PT recommended Crescendo and it’s a heaven-sent for me!

Ola, DE

Amazing product quality, it has been 3 years since the purchase, and each product works great and has not lost its quality! Perfect customer service, and great educational support! Ideal solutions for couples including (a universal approach for all gender users) Highly recommended!

Kate, GR

Amazing company and products! Love everything they do - plus, best customer service I’ve come across in years. Highly recommend.

Gabbi, GB

Amazing products and really good customer service, have been buying from them since they launched Crescendo and they've never failed to deliver.

Helen, GB

Based on peer reviewed science and designed for everyone to use I’ve been in touch to understand the science behind mystery vibe’s product design. The founder sent across a few studies that the scientific community did, without the company paying for these studies. I was happy to see that the product was indeed designed to support people with different needs when it comes to their bodies and specific situation. This convinced me to add the company to my go-to list for sex health tech products.

Jax, GB

Simply amazing, I was given this gadget as a gift and I can honestly say it’s made a massive difference to my life and partners. We had a terrible sex life and this has simply turned it around, I’m easily aroused by her and no need to take any ED pills.

Chad, GB

This thing really did blow my mind. Life changing. Amazing tech this has given me a new lease of life. Well done team.

Kieran, GB

Satisfied in more ways than one, good quality item and swift delivery. Wife seems pleased to say the least.

Frank, USA

Thank you all for this revolutionary male toy! It is incredible. It really has helped in more ways than you can imagine - it's like I had a new penis replaced. You turned a 47 year old back into a 17 year old kid with testosterone flowing through his veins again.

John, Kansas

It is working and I must say, it is working really well. I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago and my doctor suggested it for blood circulation. It is perfect!


Tenuto cured my age related delayed ejaculation. I purchased the Tenuto to help with a loss of sensation issue that is related to aging and being circumcised (delayed ejaculation). My urologist advised me to get a vibrating device for the perineum to enhance sensation. The Tenuto has successfully enabled me to consistently climax once again.

Thomas, USA

My first impression of Tenuto is very positive. I've never used such a device before; I purchased Tenuto to see if it would help improve some minor men’s health concerns that I have and I think that I got way more than I expected. Domo arigato, Mr. Tenuto! And thanks to MysteryVibe for creating such a revolutionary product!

Gerry, USA

It's thin, which makes it not as invasive as some wider toys, and the length is perfect for my clients who want to work on deep vaginal healing and need something to target all areas. This is something I'd recommend to them for that especially.

Dr. Rubin, Washington D.C.

For the 75% of vagina owners who have reported experiencing discomfort during sex at least once, Crescendo could improve your experience in the bedroom.

Marisa, New York

Since the Crescendo is bendable, users are able to shape it to hit all the right nooks and crannies, essentially ridding themselves of the tension that can cause pain.

Armado, New York

Simply the best tool to rebuild love. High-quality product that delivers on its promises!

Hope, Trustpilot

Miles ahead in technology and quality compared to other sexual health devices out there. Really beautiful design. Thanks.

Heather, Liverpool

My Crescendo made me feel whole again.

Wendy, London

What a wonderful company. Not only are their products great, their customer service goes above and beyond.

Henry, Boston

Amazing, forward-thinking tech that puts communication first. Really impressed to see how technology can improve rather than replace intimacy.

Destine, USA

I was reading the reviews and I didn't believe it when people were saying stuff like, "Omg this fixed my sex life". So I got it and it definitely did rekindle our sex life after being married for over 30 years!

Sam, USA

Happy wife thanks to the tenuto product. Normally I don't write these things but the tenuto device really gave me and my marriage a new boost of life . Thank you !

Greg, Atlanta

Each folding part has it’s own motor inside of it, so there aren’t any dead-zone’s. The whole thing feels very alive. There’s also a perfect amount of stickiness to the moving parts. A+!

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