This Device Helped Me With Painful Intercourse And Brought Our Intimacy Back

Nov 14 2022 5 min read

After the birth of our first child, my husband and I noticed a big drop off in our intimacy. I was experiencing postpartum pain & pain during sex, and we were both exhausted all the time. But we knew it was an issue we needed to address.

Wanting to be proactive and not get into too much of a rut, we decided to explore medical devices that could help alleviate pain & restart our sex life. This was our first foray into vibration devices, and we were surprised by how few of them were medical grade.

The market seemed to be flooded with low-cost novelty products. We were willing to spend more to make sure the product we buy was safe, certified & recommended by doctors. That decision really narrowed things down and is how we came across MysteryVibe.

This FDA registered company creates medical devices with the goal of helping couples keep the mystery in the bedroom – especially after major life events like childbirth, menopause, surgery & aging by addressing issues like arousal disorder, vaginal dryness & pain during intercourse. Sounded pretty perfect for our needs.

We took the quick quiz on their website and was recommended the Crescendo 2, which MysteryVibe says is the world’s first doctor-designed vibrator that mimics human fingers (clinicians typically use their fingers to massage the painful area in the vagina).

We placed our order and waited anxiously for it to arrive. The order came quickly in a really discreet brown box. We weren’t embarrassed about ordering a medical vibrator, but at the same time, didn’t want to announce it to all our neighbors! First impressions were very impressive with their sleek, modern packaging and design. It felt a little bit like unboxing a new iPhone.

Crescendo 2 is ultra-flexible so you can bend it into different shapes and fit your body – whatever your size. It also has 6 powerful vibration motors so you can have precise vibrations exactly where you need them. It’s so versatile with all the ways it can be adjusted and personalized that I see it as having 10 products in one!

That night we eagerly gave it a try and MysteryVibe’s beautifully illustrated instructions were a great help to get things started. And boy was I blown away! I started with a low intensity as I wasn’t sure if it would hurt and then gradually increased the power as I felt more comfortable, confident and really pleasurable. The bendability was pure magic!

I had read about their many awards and indeed it’s a marvel of engineering. This made all the difference. I could bend it step by step and reach the areas inside where I felt needed massaging. The instant pain relief and wetness made me feel like my younger sexy self-confident self again.


And seeing me so excited definitely had an impact on my husband’s experience as well. Suffice to say we had our best sex in a long time! Afterwards the only thing I wished for was to have known about this sooner. So ladies, here I am, writing about something I never thought I would share publicly!

Some more useful tidbits. The Crescendo 2 can be App-controlled via Bluetooth from up to 10 meters away. In addition to the preset vibration patterns, you can create and save your own patterns, which we haven’t tried yet, but will explore once we’ve had some more practice. The Crescendo 2 is also shower-proof so it’s easy to clean and and use in water.

It’s now been a month since we got the Crescendo 2 and we have been incorporating it into our sex life 2-3 times a week – the illustrated guide has actually been a great help with all kinds of fun positions to try with my husband. I can say with confidence that our intimacy is back & we’re closer even than in our pre-baby days.

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You (and your partner) can thank me later!