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Legato Vulva Pain Relief Device

Vibratory stimulation is a proven solution for Vulva Pain Relief. Designed by leading Ob-Gyns, this clinically proven, FDA Class 2 device delivers precise vibrations on the vulva to stimulate blood flow, alleviate vulva pain and address dryness.


1. Ultra-flexible

Leagato is a highly malleable, device designed to mimic hands and can be bent by the clinician or patient to adapt to the user's vulva shape and size.

This allows the device to sit tightly on the labia, deliver distributed stimulations across the entire area, similar to how PTs administer pain relief therapy, promote blood circulation and pain relief.

2. Say goodbye to vulva pain

The multi award-winning Legato is significant for patients struggling with vulva pain, vaginal pain and dryness.

Legato’s 4 anatomically placed motors simultaneously stimulate the full labia leading to increased blood flow and pain relief.

3. Address menopause conditions

Worried about not being able to be confident again? Gain your intimacy back with effective pain and dryness relief.

Legato is compact, lightweight & ergonomically designed. Its recessed areas make it easy to hold firmly on the labia, while the wide opening in the middle allows for continued labia stimulation during intimacy to alleviate penetration pain.

4. Medically designed, Clinically proven

Designed with over 5 years of extensive medical research, Legato is made with strong, malleable electronics that bend with the product without tearing and intricate circuits with defence-grade components.

In a recent clinical study it was shown to improve Genito-pelvic pain by 5x within 12 weeks, using it 3 times a week. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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