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Poco Pelvic Pain Device

Poco is a FDA Class II device designed by Ob-Gyns to recreate the standard of care in pelvic floor therapy. Its efficacy in reducing pelvic pain is due to its ability to bend and deliver precise frequency vibrations, exactly where it's needed on the pelvic floor.


1. Ultra-flexible

Poco is a highly malleable, device designed to mimic fingers and can be bent by the clinician or patient to precisely reach the areas of the pelvic floor that need attention.

This allows it to deliver precise stimulations, similar to how PTs administer Pelvic floor therapy using 2 fingers, exactly where needed.

It is recommended by leading doctors at Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, Rush Chicago and others.

2. Say goodbye to incontinence

The multi award-winning Poco is significant for anyone struggling from incontinence, pain and dryness issues.

Poco’s two strategically placed motors deliver vibrations whose frequencies are optimized to increase blood flow and improve the pelvic floor.

3. Improved pelvic health

Worried about not being able to be confident again? Gain your intimacy back with powerful and effective pelvic floor therapy.

Poco’s slim, double-bend design helps release trigger points & tender points on the pelvic floor, so you can have pain-free intimacy.

4. Medically designed, Clinically proven

Designed with over 8 years of extensive medical research, Poco is made with strong, malleable electronics that bend with the product without tearing and intricate circuits with defence-grade components.

In a recent clinical study it was shown to improve Genito-pelvic pain by 5x within 12 weeks, using it 3 times a week. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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